About Harivillu

IB Infra's two back-to-back residential localities, Harivillu Layout 1 and 2, are the pride and soul of Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh. Nellore is well connected to its neighbouring districts and the rest of the country via road and rail. This makes the city a good base for developing real estate.

The two Harivillu layouts comprises 7 Acres each and have been measured out on agriculturally viable land. The layouts are in close proximity to conveniences and facilities such as schools, hospitals, bank ATMS, restaurants and shopping markets.

This layout has more than an 500 plots available and It is situated in one of the best residential localities surrounded.


  • I couldn't have asked for a better investment than this. The colony is homely, with no busy traffic, and the safety we experience is immeasurable. My wife and kids love it!
  • Our home is worth every penny we've spent. We can feel the amount of love, foresight and care that has gone into the building of these homes. Our family friends and relatives love coming over. And after a busy day at work, we too find peace and solace when we return home.

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